Wargame Exclusive’s Chaos Dark Prophet (& Friend)

Have I mentioned that I love Nurglings? Because I do. I also love doing the occasional 3rd party model or kit instead of just sacrificing my wallet to the altar of GW, especially when the 3rd party creators in question have really dynamic, fun sculpts. Which brings me to the seventh of my Plague Sisters, the Dark Prophet from Wargame Exclusive. I ordered this when I ordered all of the bits for the Plague Sisters and right now I think she takes the favorite spot as far as my Plague Marine icon bearers go.

Pictured: I love Nurglings. You know you love them too.

The build on this was pretty straightforward – the only thing I really added was the Nurgling, because why wouldn’t I add a Nurgling? I tried to stick with my usual Death Guard paint scheme, but quickly found there was a lot more cloth-y and flesh-y bits on the figure than armor, so I had to pivot a little into that. She sticks out a little from the rest of her squad as a result, but I’m generally happy with how the colors all came together on her.

Pictured: Progress in my last three “waves” of standard-bearers.

In addition to helping me cap off the first batch of Plague Sisters, the Dark Prophet is also a feel-good model for me when placed side-by-side with other marines or standard-bearers I’ve done in the past. I think my edge highlighting has gotten a lot stronger and even where I’ve tried to make the models look messy or grimy everything looks a lot more crisp. And…just look at the Nurgling on this one. How can you not love that Nurgling? I rest my case.

2 thoughts on “Wargame Exclusive’s Chaos Dark Prophet (& Friend)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on the dark prophet Mick, as red is a colour closely associated with Nurgle, I think she fits in well, and nice balancing act with the Nurgling

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