Cypheria, the Fallen – A Proxy of a Proxy

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned. Sometimes you start with a kickass Sister Superior with fancy pauldrons, a kitbashed head sculpt, and a whole-ass Nurgling, and that Plague Sister turns out to be just too big to fit properly into the case with the rest of the squad. A bargain had to be made, and I made that bargain with Wargame Exclusive and picked up their Cypheria the Fallen as a worthy successor.

Pictured: Sisters Superior and…Junior, I guess?

This is definitely one of those “where a door closes a window opens” situations, though, because I love the sculpt of this model. Enough so that if I ever want to bully a Dark Angels player I would be open to picking up a second and actually painting it up as Cypher. The twin pistols, the bigass sword, and just…the sculpt in general was a lot of fun to paint up. Cypheria was a little on the small side, but that’s kind of what I needed for transportation purposes anyway, and…if anything, that made this model fit into my usual scale wheelhouse.

Pictured: Green glowy plasma goodness.

There’s lots of things I was happy with on this model but I’m proud of myself for doing the plasma glow and…just in general I feel like this was a really crisp-looking addition to my Death Guard. I did some of the same stippling effect on the legs that I did before with my Biologus Putrifier, and I feel like it really added a bunch to the leg armor’s texture. Couldn’t be happier with how the squad’s come together.

2 thoughts on “Cypheria, the Fallen – A Proxy of a Proxy

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Both models look great Mick, but can understand having the smaller one for ease of transportation, the conversion on the larger one is really nice, especially as the original model is a plug in type which makes them harder to convert.

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