Plague Sister Reinforcements

I’ve accumulated a lot of weird bits over the years. Like, a LOT of weird bits. And a couple of them have been sitting in a bag forever while I’ve been trying to decide on something fun to do with them. Since I had some more Wargame Exclusive skulls and shoulders, anyway, I decided to work some of those fancy bits into reinforcements for my Plague Sisters’ squad. One of those fancy bits being the huge plasma cannon from an old Artel W kit, and the other being an axe from…actually I think they might have been from the same kit.

These were more or less the same kind of build as the rest of my Plague Sisters – I took an old Chaos marine that Gerard or Kinpatsusamurai had given me, took it apart, and put it back together with some fancy shoulders and heads and new weapons. I also threw in a couple Necromunda crates to make an objective marker since I was painting in the copper colors and with Nihilakh Oxide anyways. And…I think I’m pretty happy with the end result on these, maybe even moreso than some of the first batch of Plague Sisters.

Pictured: The whole squad of reinforcements, also with ammo and supplies. Always be prepared!

I promise next week I’ll post something other than Plague Sisters. That said, I am very happy with how these two squads turned out and…since I do have two Champion builds, and heavy weapons, I could legitimately run these all as two separate squads. The numbers of the Death Guard in my carrying case continue to grow and I definitely look forward to the next game where I can unleash them.

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