A Clue, a Clue!

About a year ago my friend Gerard gave me a second-hand Maulerfiend for my birthday and, naturally, I decided I was going to make it yet another way to ruin everyone’s childhoods. Since I had Garfield and Jon done, I originally thought I was going to build this up as Odie – but then I realized I could build something even more sacrilegious. I built up a new base for it and added some pawprints and…soon enough, we were all ready to figure out Blue’s Clues.

This one ended up being a bit of a speedpaint so some of the bits like the tongue-end and some of the spikes are still missing, and I chose to just leave them looking busted off rather than doing anything else with them for the moment. That said, this is definitely a model like the Malignifier where the sponging method works really well and adds some really cool texture over large, smooth components. Nihilakh Oxide also continues to be the unsung hero of my Death Guard army.

And…yes, I recognize that technically I can’t field this with Death Guard, at least not as a Maulerfiend, but I’m definitely going to try and proxy this in games as a Helbrute or maybe as a Bloat Drone with a Fleshmower. I’ll figure out something fun for this. Even if it just ends up getting used as a terrain piece, I’m very happy with how this turned out and it’ll make for some discussions over the tabletop for sure.

Pictured: My continuing efforts to ruin everyone’s childhood.

With Garfield, Thomas, Blue, and Jon done, I might try and focus on making my Death Guard a little less silly, especially since I’m starting to lean more into the Sisters of Battle aesthetic. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making these shitpost one-off projects, but they might become occasional standalone pieces more than intended to integrate with my army. We’ll see how it all plays out!

One thought on “A Clue, a Clue!

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work Mick, the blue skintone actually works really well as demonic, and fits really well with your normal colours as well.


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