Eldar Party Bus LED Refit!

With the federal public servant’s strike on the go here in Canada, and with yours truly being one such public servant, it’s been a crazy couple weeks over here and I haven’t had the chance to do much website work. But I think I picked a good project to come back with, and a good note to come back on! My army has a few staples – there must always be Guardians, Howling Banshees, and psykers, for example. However good, bad, or ugly Guardians, Banshees, and Farseers become (looking at you, 10th edition), these will always be part of this sentiment-heavy army for me. Howling Banshees, though, must always have a party bus – and I’ve gone and given their latest one a big, glowy refit.

Pictured: A look at the lights in motion posted to my Youtube page.

I’ve talked about this build in detail before, specifically the bits that I borrowed from the Daughters of Khaine kits to make the snake-y bits, so I won’t repeat a whole lot of that here. What I will do is show off and talk about the lighting stuff! First, for this and a couple other projects I have down the road, I used sewer caps from the hardware store to make new, magnetized battery packs that are easy to just plug-and-play my models into, which is also compatible with the AC adapter I bought from Evan Designs.

Pictured: The Wave Serpent from the side-on which shows the acrylic rod base, the maneuvering thrusters, and some other details off.

Speaking of which – Evan Designs continues to outdo themselves on basically everything. The “breathing” LED that I installed in the mouth of the serpent-head makes for a really cool, dynamic effect, and the flickering LEDs at the rear which I’ve used on other projects for engines are just *chef’s kiss* perfect. If you’re looking to light hobby projects and don’t have a whole lot of electronics experience I can’t recommend them highly enough. There’s a bunch of other effects they have available like the color-shifting LEDs I’ve used before and like some new ones I’m going to try and branch off into for other projects ahead. More on that to come.

LEDs in my 40k tanks lights up a special, happy part of my lizard brain that I didn’t know that I even had. This was a project I was thrilled to do after what happened to my ill-fated Fire Prism last year, and in a lot of ways, especially since it carries my favorite Eldar unit, it’s become my army’s centrepiece. Which…is funny in retrospect since the original Wave Serpent I used for this was second-hand and I only ever intended for it to be a mockup or “test fit” piece for when I got around to building this for real. But I don’t have a single regret.

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