More Shroud Runners (Not Sponsored by Door Dash)

Remember the days when most of my painting work was space elves? Well, I’m making a more conscious effort to bring that back. That, coupled with my need to have a squad of at least five Shroud Runners meant I was going to be painting more of these up before the big finish of my podcast adventure, which I’ll be sharing before too much longer. One of these got special treatment as part of a long-running joke shared between me, XenonMage, and KinpatsuSamurai, namely that my space elves are basically Tyranid “Door Dash.”

Pictured: The “Door Dash” bike and its precious cargoes.

The way I managed to make this happen, outside of just building Shroud Runners with the same formula I used before, was that I got a hold of some Kromlech bits that were intended for fantasy or D&D-esque builds – bags of potatoes, plates of carrots, and what I believe were also radishes, so that’s how they got painted. There’s plenty of Eldar meat on the menu so I wanted to make sure that XenonMage’s Tyranids also ate their greens, as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Pictured: The somewhat more normal Shroud Runners.

Not too much to add here with respect to these builds other than that these continue to be a phenomenal kit. Despite the backhanded praise I often give GW these are a really flexible kit that has a lot in the way of possible kitbashing options and bits for me to set aside for future use. The “pressure fit” bases also work decently, certainly better than other jetbikes in the Eldar line, but they can be a struggle especially during a game and when under any sort of time crunch or pressure. At some point I just might have to magnetize these to keep that from being a problem again.

Pictured: The gang, all here.

Truth be told I think my first batch of Shroud Runners turned out better because of some shenaniganry with the iridescent/shifter paints, but that’s just a minor gripe on my part. What’s becoming more apparent though in terms of posting galleries and taking pictures is that I think my lightbox is going to need replacing with something that makes for darker, matte-r backgrounds and that lets the Ulthwe black-gray stand out a little more. But…that’s later’s problem, for later’s me. I’ll figure something out.

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